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Главная / Hospitalization

Documents required for planned hospitalization at SAIH RCOD MH RT:

  1. Passport (residence permit) of the Russian Federation¹.
  2. Policy of obligatory medical insurance (OMI) of the Russian Federation. — persons who do not have a OMI policy (certified employees of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the FSB, etc.), represent the standard application form from medical healthcare facilities of the stated department.
  3. Pension insurance certificate (PIC) of RF¹.
  4. Referral from the MIS to hospitalization, certified by the head of the relevant department.
  5. Receipt of payment for hospital medical services.
  6. Outpatient medical record of RCOD.
  7. Certificate of sickness (if any).

Pre-hospital examination data*:

  1. Therapeutic consequence of special treatment.
  2. ECG (with description).
  3. Photoroentgenography (Ro-graphy) of the lungs. Expiration date — 1 year. For patients with HI virus expiration date — 6 months.
  4. General blood analysis (hemoglobin, erythrocytes, leukocytes, DC, hematocrit, trombocytes, blood coagulation time). Expiration date — 1 month.
  5. Urine analysis. Expiration date — 1 month
  6. Blood analysis for HI virus by polarization fluoroimmunoassay. Expiration date — 3 months
  7. When hospitalized in surgical departments, day hospitals of a surgical facilities — blood analysis for HI virus by polarization fluoroimmunoassay (persons from 18 to 50 years old)
  8. When hospitalized in non-surgical inpatient departments (chemotherapy, radiology) — blood analysis for HI virus by polarization fluoroimmunoassay (persons of all ages)
  9. When hospitalized in a day hospital (non-surgical profile) — analysis for HI virus is not required.

* patients with an determined diagnosis of HI virus are not subject to re-examination; they present a certificate from an infectiologist.

  1. Blood analysis for hepatitis B and C by polarization fluoroimmunoassay. Expiration date — 1 month. Certificate from an infectiologist with a positive result for hepatitis B and C.
  2. Express analysis for syphilis MCI (for persons up to 65 years old). Expiration date -14 days. Certificate from a dermatovenerologist with a positive result
  3. Information of measles vaccination: persons from 18 to 35 years old; persons till 55 years old of decreed groups
  4. Laboratory tests for helminthiases (feces for helminth eggs and protozoa). No age restrictions (only for 24-hour hospitals). Expiration date — 1 month
  5. Biochemical blood test or other analyzes and instrumental studies, additionally prescribed to the patient by the doctor / head of the hospital department at the pre-hospital stage


  1. The ID document should be submitted by foreign citizens and citizens who have entered into an agreement of paid medical services.
  2. There is the form with the test results or an extract from the outpatient medical record containing the date and name of the analysis and its results.
  3. For patients undergoing a treatment course in the departments of the dispensary, the expiration date of laboratory tests for helminthiasis shall be valid till the end of the full treatment course.
  4. During this period of hospitalization, according to indications, tests can be repeated as prescribed by a doctor and for hospitalization are presented in dynamics