named after prof. M.Z.Sigal

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History of the dispensary

Главная / History of the dispensary


Khidiyatov Ilgiz Rinatovich was appointed to the position of Head Physician of SAIH «RCOD MH RT».


The new reconstructed building no.2 of the medical and diagnostic center RCOD MH RT was opened.


The Radionuclide Therapy Department began to operate on the basis of the RCOD MH RT.


The Positron Emission Tomography Department was opened in the State Autonomous Institution of Health «Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary of the MH, RT».


Public Health Care Institution “Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary of the MH, RT» and Public Health Care Institution «Naberezhnochelninskiy Oncological Dispensary» consolidate their efforts and organize the Branch of Public Health Care Institution «RCOD MH RT» in Naberezhnye Chelny.  SIH «RCOD MH RT» is assigned the status of an autonomous institution.


The clinic no. 3 of the PHCI «RKOD MH RT» was opened in Almetyevsk.


Consolidation of the Clinical Oncological Dispensary with the Kazan Oncological Dispensary was resulted as the State Health Care Institution “Republican Clinical Oncological Dispensary of the Ministry of Health, the Republic of Tatarstan”.


The Volga branch of the Russian Oncological Research Center named after N.N. Blokhin managed by Russian Academy of Medical Sciences was opened on the basis of the Dispensary.


A new surgery block with 12 operating rooms, 18 beds of the anesthesiology and intensive care unit, a seven-story life support building, and a medical gas station were put in service.


The leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan allocated 1.06 bln rubles for the construction and equipment of the RCOD MH RT. As a result the modern diagnostic equipment was purchased, a centralized sterilization department, a line for the infusion and other solutions production were put in service.


The new seven-story building was put into operation.


The Comprehensive Anticancer Program of the Republic of Tatarstan was created and adopted at the government level with the support of many Ministries and departments.


The Ambulance Service for oncological patients was arranged on the basis of the Kazan Oncological Dispensary, which had no analogues not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.


The Centralized Cytological Laboratory was organized to provide methodological and practical guidance to 10 cytological laboratories in districts of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The buildings of the medical and radiological units were constructed, where surgical, chemotherapy and radiological treatment of patients was carried out. An endoscopic room was also arranged. In 1979 these units had received the status of an Endoscopy Center of the Ministry of Health, TASSR.


Kazan Oncological Dispensary was established.