Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center is consisted of the Head Center in Kazan — Clinic N1 and branches: Clinic N2 (Almetyevsk) and Clinic N3 (Naberezhnye Chelny).
More than 1953 employees consisted of 368 prominent researchers and experienced physicians (among them 89 PhD, 12 Full Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 5 Laureates of State prize of Russian Federation, 9 Laureates of State prize of Republic of Tatarstan and 38 Honored Doctors of Russian Federation) together with 814 nurses and technicians are working in the Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center.
Following in-patient departments are functioning on the territory of Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center: Thoracic Surgery(2 departments), Abdominal Surgery, Breast Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery department, General Oncology department, Department of Urology, Departments of Gynecologic Oncology(3 departments), Departments of Radiation Oncology (3 departments), Chemotherapy departments(3 departments), Intensive Care and Anesthesiology(24 beds), Operative Rooms, Emergency.
The following Diagnostic Departments are located in Tatarstan Regional Clinical Cancer Center: Roentgen and Ultrasound Diagnostics departments, Endoscopy department, Pathology, Clinical Diagnostics, Centralized Cytology, Immunology, Bacteriology.